Diane C. Braley / The Silence in the Sound

On the picturesque island of Martha’s Vineyard an ailing celebrity novelist’s famous book about a choice helps his young nurse make a heartrending one of her own.

Fiery city girl, Georgette’s memory of a childhood trip to Martha’s Vineyard island with her father is one of the few good times. Her father was an alcoholic, and her enabler mother chose to stay with him; his addiction was the center of their world. Georgette fled home as soon as she could; years later, as a nurse, she’s going back to the island to start her life over. There, she becomes the private nurse for the ailing prize-winning novelist, Mr. S., and becomes enamored with the mysterious Dock, a wash-ashore like her whose disappearing acts only make her crave his love more.

As Georgette cares for Mr. S. and helps him come to terms with the end of his life along Vineyard Sound’s beautiful shores, they become friends. His famous book helps her navigate her life as George finds in the running away from her past, she inadvertently ran towards it. She loses herself in her relationship with Dock, who leads her down a road of denial and impossible choices she never thought she’d have to face.

Told through the voice of Georgette. The Silence in the Sound is a provocative coming-of-age debut revealing the lasting effects of growing up in addiction. But it also demonstrates a young woman’s strength as she navigates friendship, love, and heartbreak while finding her hidden strength along the way.

Publisher: Koehler
Publication Date: August 30, 2022
ISBN:   978-1-64663-772-0 

Dianne C. Braley is a registered nurse with a passion for music, poetry, and literature. Dianne has been featured in various online and printed publications, including Today’s Dietician and Scrubs Magazine. Her nursing blog, Nursing the Neighborhood, was named one of the top nursing blogs of 2018 by Nurse Recruiter.

Growing up in Massachusetts’s tough and turbulent inner cities, Dianne has always walked a thin line between her creative dreams and her strong blue-collar roots. From a young age, she found solace from her raw and difficult world growing up in alcoholism in writing and music. Her creative spirit helped guide her through a rebellious adolescence.

Working hard in college, Dianne became a registered nurse like her mother to help others and escape the rough lifestyle of her youth – but she never gave up on her dream of writing, and after caring for a celebrity novelist on the picturesque island of Martha’s Vineyard, the friendship that blossomed between them inspired her to pick up her pencil again and dive into her true calling.

Now the author of her debut novel, The Silence in the Sound, Dianne, still escapes to the Vineyard every summer to reinvigorate herself and channel her creative drive. She is currently pursuing a degree in creative writing. Dianne and her family are firmly planted in a small town north of Boston – but not far enough away to lose her city edge.


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