M. S. Peke / No Stone Unturned

Bears aren’t the only predators in Yellowstone.

After twenty-one years of being overshadowed by her ex-husband, Winnie Hackleshack never had the opportunity to explore her adventurous side. But what does a forty-something divorced woman do to revitalize her spirit? She gets a rescue dog, buys a motorhome, and sets off for adventures unknown. Except the adventures include getting mixed up in a murder investigation.

Arriving at Yellowstone, Winnie anticipated bubbling geysers, buffalo, and scenic views. But on her first night there, she befriends a young woman being bullied, and when the young woman is found dead the next morning, with Winnie’s business card, Winnie finds herself looking for clues to solve the woman’s death.

The clues lead her to an illegal gold mine, and when the killers suspect Winnie stole their mined gold, they come after her. But Winnie’s not backing down. With the killers on the loose, it’s up to Winnie to find them before they get away.

Publisher: TouchPoint Press
Publication Date: February 10, 2022
ISBN: 978-1-956851-06-9
Available for order: AMAZON

M. S. Peke loves writing mysteries about interesting places involving quirky characters. His passion for travel and adventure influence his writing. When he’s not at the computer, you can find him on a trail or reading. He’s currently working on his next Happy Camper mystery, and the first in the series is available for pre-order now. Visit his website, mspeke.com, to find out more or get a free ebook.


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