Liz Webb / The Daughter


What if the only way to find out what happened to your mother, was to actually become her?

After weight loss and growing her hair long for the first time, Hannah Davidson is un-nerved to realise that she is now the spitting image of her mother.  And Hannah is the exact same age that her mother was when she was murdered twenty-three years ago. It is strange enough for dowdy Hannah to be compared with her glamourous mother, but when her dementia-riven father Philip starts confusing them and talks to her as if she really is her mother, she is seriously unnerved.

With her father’s health rapidly failing, Hannah seeks out her estranged brother Reece, now a famous actor.  But Reece’s certainty that their father killed their mother has not dimmed with time.  Hannah is sure he’s innocent and starts to use her likeness to her mother to elicit information from everyone who knew her.   But as she starts to close in on the murderer, Hannah starts to worry that her mother’s presence is overtaking her.

Publisher: Allison & Busby
Publication Date: May 19, 2022
ISBN: 978-0749028756 
Available for order: AMAZON | WATERSTONES | BOOKSHOP


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