Kelly Ohlert / To Get To The Other Side

Trixie can’t be exactly sure what she was thinking when she stopped her car in the middle of downtown Chicago, scooped up a chicken struggling to cross the road, and drove off… but she does know that she has to find a new home for herself and her new feathered friend. The landlord at her no-pets-allowed apartment has caught Trixie in one too many pet-smuggling attempts in the past, and isn’t making any exceptions.

Bear likes his quiet life, and he’s in for a rude awakening when his meddlesome sisters post an ad to rent the spare room in his simple home, without asking his permission first. Still, when captivating Trixie responds to the ad, he agrees to let her move in, despite immediate worries about keeping things platonic.

Trixie’s dance background under intense stage parents has led her to rely on her constant smile, believing that letting people see your real emotions is not an option. Determined to keep her new room, the new friend she has in Bear, and give Chick-chick the care she deserves, she fights to keep her walls up and not get too close. Still, it’s not long before the pair’s proximity, chicken parenting, and money-making shenanigans ignite flames that have Trixie and Bear testing the boundaries of their platonic roomies ground rules. They have to figure out how to save a family business, pay for mounting vet bills, and navigate their own emotional baggage if they want to find the love that they all deserve.

Publisher: Alcove
Publication Date: December 6, 2022
ISBN: Coming soon.

Available for order:

Kelly grew up in the Chicago area, but moved to attend Western Michigan University. She stuck around Michigan, hopping from city to city. Her meet cute involved “borrowing” that hot guy’s baseball cap, and it’s been love ever since. She, her husband(the aforementioned ball cap owner), and their two young daughters reside in the Lansing area, with their menagerie of six fur babies.

Aside from the obvious reading and writing, Kelly’s hobbies include belting out show tunes, game nights, losing her cell phone with alarming frequency, and getting outside to enjoy nature. If you meet her, approach with caution. She works from home, and in her stir crazy state, has been known to pounce on unsuspecting strangers to leach them of an ounce of adult conversation.


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