Caron McKinlay / The Storytellers

Trapped between life and the afterlife, three women meet and share their stories while discovering the truth about the men in their lives—and about themselves.

Suspended in an eerie state of limbo, an entity called the Gatekeeper tells Nikki, Ronnie, and Mrs. Hawthorne they are on the cusp of entering the afterlife—but only if the women can persuade him that in their earthly lives, they knew the meaning of love.

Fragments of their memories return, plunging them back into their pasts, and forcing them to face the desires, disappointments, addictions, lies, and obsessions they battled in life.

But before time runs out, will they find the answer to the ultimate question: what is love?

Publisher: BloodHound Books
Publication Date: May 16, 2022
ISBN: 9781504075770

Available for order: AMAZON US | AMAZON UK | B&N

Caron grew up in a mining town on the east coast of Scotland where her dad would return from the pit and fill her life with his tall tales and encourage her to tell her own. She never thought about making a career in writing – that was what posh people did, not someone from a working-class council estate.

Instead, she became a teacher and taught in various secondary schools before becoming a headteacher in Merseyside.

However, her father’s recent death was the cause of deep introspection and her emotions gave birth to a short story, Cash and her debut novel The Storytellers.

When not blogging, reading, and writing, Caron spends her time with her daughters and grandsons.

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