A.N. Payton / Hellfire and Honey

Centuries of war come to a bitter end when Princess Sal’s parents steal half the witch army and disappear. Sal is forced to surrender to the vampire king, Kadence, and bind her magic as part of their agreement. She will give anything to protect her people – anything except her heart.

When Kadence conquers the witch kingdom, he doesn’t expect their princess to be as delicious as wild honey. He can’t decide if he’d rather kiss or kill Sal, and his desire for her battles against his hatred of witches. Despite their attraction, Kadence can’t forget their war-torn history. He must decide if he can overcome his past to make way for a new future – one that might include Sal.

But when scouts locate Sal’s parents and discover they’re marching a demon army toward the kingdom, Sal and Kadence must unite their people for a final battle. If they don’t, bloodthirsty demons will consume everyone they vowed to protect. Can they work together to save their people, or will hellfire destroy them all?

Publisher: City Owl Press
Publication Date: June 21, 2022
ISBN: Coming Soon
Available for order: AMAZON | OTHER OPTIONS

A military spouse with a young daughter, A.N. Payton is navigating the crazy world of (pandemics, child rearing, never using the bathroom alone) publishing. Her debut fantasy romance releases in June 2022 with City Owl Press.


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